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nailmatic Loves is a totally informal creative crew born from serendipitous encounters: chance professional meetings, platonic love at first site, collaborations that have created links… Here is our shortlist of accessories to amplify your look. Unique brands with stories that resonate with us; inspired and inspiring creators. nailmatic loves? Yes, yes, yes!

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    Gift Finder

    Discover our selection of cool gifts: fashion accessories, desirable items and beauty must-haves that will match perfectly with manicured hands.


  • Macon&Lesquoy


    The nailmaTeam loves this duo who are bringing crests and embroidered badges back. A hint of nostalgia that makes us go all fuzzy—even more so since they created an exclusive brooch for the nailmaTeam. Heart-shaped emojis all round!

    Crazy in love!

  • Alfa.k


    We met Anne-Claire in 2014 during an intensive creative process, making the Glossy Box by nailmatic. Her nail patches with bright and fun patterns allow you to amp up the effects of our must have nail polishes.

    I want them all!

  • Bonnie Bunny

    #Bonnie Bunny

    The nailmaTeam cheers you right up
    with Bonnie Bunny's pop spirit!
    This French indie brand has a fling for the 80's
    and created a jolly bunch of enamel brooches.


  • Papier Tigre


    A stationery success story, led with gusto by a trio that we absolutely love. Our parallel paths intertwined for us to produce a superb collaboration. More than partners, Agathe, Maxime and Julien are today friends whose work we follow with pleasure.

    I heart them too!

  •  Sabé Masson


    An expert in the world of perfume, Isabelle Masson is a very dear friend of nailmatic’s co-founder, Boris Gratini. This genius entrepreneur has even invented a new beauty ritual in the shape of soft perfume!

    I need it!

  • OMY


    We have been following the work of Elvire and Marie-Cerise from the beginning and we have been lucky enough to work with them on the packaging of our Kids range. Fun is at the heart of everything they do—something that we have in common, which makes for a match made in heaven!


  • Titlee


    The naimaTeam met Séverine Balanqueux at professional trade fairs Maison & Objets and Playtime. Like us, she creates carefully conceived ideas for children with a poetic approach that we love.

    Can’t resist!

  • Craftholic


    Craftholic is the sweetest gang of plushes you could imagine:
    party-monkey Loris, moody-bear Sloth,
    chatterbox-rabbit Rab and cat-ertainer Korat.
    Created by Japanese designer Ikuko Yamamoto,
    these 4 lovely creatures make you hug-dreams
    come true.


  • Meri Meri

    #Meri Meri

    Meri Meri is your best bet for throwing a brilliant party
    and to cast a frenzy spell on your child’s big day.
    A day to remember? Cheers!


  • Pappwatch

    The new must-have accessory comes straight from Berlin...
    Super lightweight and easy to wear, Pappwatch playful watches will please the kids, their buddies, fashionable moms and aunties, your BFF, well anyone basically!


  • nailmatic Loves Tour

    # nailmatic Loves Tour

    The nailmaTeam always brings back interesting souvenirs from its business trips: quirky objects, nifty gadgets and beauty accessories to fall in love with right away.

    Take me in!

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