AQUA nail

AQUA nail

Eau la la! Introducing the first water-based nail polish – AQUA Nail. Bringing colour to your fingertips with a reduced carbon footprint, it’s a real nail-ovation!

Water-based formula
To be clear, this new generation polish doesn’t come off when you wash your hands like our Kids range does. It is removed with regular nail polish remover – or, even better, one that is bio-based. A totally new product on the market, this range’s formula was two years in the making: 54% water to which we add resin for hold and pigment for colour.
Getting rid of classic solvents is no mean feat when it comes to nail polish. Dispersing pigments in water is a real technical challenge, particularly in relation to the stability of the polish over time. But we’re proud to announce: we did it!

Odourless nail Polish
With a formula of more than 50% water and no petrochemical solvents, AQUA Nail does not emit volatile compounds into the atmosphere. The result: a non-toxic, odourless polish, which means you can paint your nails wherever, whenever – at home, at your desk, on the train, even at a cafe while drinking your coffee. Free the manicure!

Zero compromise on colour. AQUA Nail polishes are applied like traditional polishes: same coverage, same shine, same pleasure, same drying time – but no unpleasant smell! A new polish requires new manicure rules: top coat required for two to three days’ wear (or more – it all depends on nail type and the way the polish was applied).
Switch to an eco-friendly manicure – your nails and the planet will thank you! And what’s more, all of our polishes are now enriched with plant keratin for added hydration.

Eco-friendly manicure
With nothing but water as a solvent, AQUA Nail is non-flammable meaning it benefits from more flexible legislation for storage and transport. As a result, it has a reduced carbon footprint – something to rejoice about. Our packaging is made with paper from responsibly managed forests that are FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certified.

What’s next
We are continually improving our formulas and believe that nail polish should be a part of a conscious beauty approach. Nails are not a thick enough barrier to protect the body, so it’s important to be mindful of the ingredients that go into manicure products. Not only is it water-based, AQUA Nail is also free from toluene, formaldehyde, phthalates, parabens, xylene, camphor, colophony, benzophenone, aluminium and nanoparticles.
Our range contains phenoxyethanol as we are yet to find alternatives that don’t compromise on safety. A water-based formula brings constraints with it: water is life and life means bacteria… Preservatives are essential (and required, even) in order to prevent microbial growth and to guarantee a polish that does not pose a danger to health. Phenoxyethanol is recommended by the SCCS* (Scientific Committee On Consumer Safety – final opinion of 6th October 2016) with a maximum concentration of 1%. An efficient preservative, it’s safe for the health of all age groups. In total transparency, without it, we would have to replace it with a cocktail of two or three preservatives with the same roles.

*The SCCS is an independent scientific committee, unaffected by pressure from lobbyists. We follow their recommendations closely. As a reminder, European legislation is the safest and strictest in the world. It is continually reviewed and updated.

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